Work, Obsession and Staying up too Late

10 days, no updates – I’ve been sorely neglecting this blog. And it’s not because I’ve been away, or lazy or had nothing to write. In fact it isn’t really my fault at all. You can pick any one of four people to blame. If I was pushed to pick I’d lay the blame at the feet of Sarah Palin, but to be absolutely fair I could equally choose her boss or either of the opposing team.

I’ve become obsessed with the US presidential election.

I am definitely spending way too much time reading about it, watching various clips on YouTube and talking about it with the increasing number of people who seem to be similarly and completely caught up in the strangely fascinating politics of another country.

Staying up into the wee small hours to watch debates has thrown my internal clock into complete disarray – my body now believes that 4 or 5 am is a good time to start thinking about going to bed, even though I still have to be up for a school run. It’s not good. Needing afternoon naps makes me feel old.

I’m also very busy at work (which I manage to fit in somewhere between intensive blog reading sessions) so by the time dinner rolls around in the evening I’m in no mood to start getting creative in the kitchen. The freezer has become my best friend.

But on Saturday, horror, the freezer was empty. With my obsession showing no sign of waning I decided to have a major cooking session and fill it with enough dinners to last until at least Nov 5th.

I kept scribbled notes about the whole process, with timing, which I’ll have made sense of (between the many food splashes) by tomorrow and will post here. But in around three hours I managed to ‘bank’ over 2 dozen very varied dinner-sized dishes, several side dishes and a load of soup into the now very packed freezer. All for less than

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8 Responses to “Work, Obsession and Staying up too Late”

  • Deborah Says:

    Hehe… addicted to the election eh? A lot more entertaining than our own last year, that’s for sure! :)

    I’ve always fantasized about the idea of doing one of those cook for the whole month in a weekend type thing. Was more of a priority when I worked outside the home, but I never actually did it. Someday! There’s whole books on the topic and everything, but let’s face it, Irish freezers aren’t exactly helpful in that endeavour! :)

  • Kate Says:

    Yes, WAY more entertaining than ours! I’ve never cooked like that before either, but I’ll tell you I’ll definitely do it again – there is a very satisfying feeling when all that food is piled into the freezer! I’m trying to squash the process of doing it into one blog post at the moment – I’m starting to see why there are books!

  • Christine Says:

    I stayed up very late last night laughing at Tina Fey’s impersonations of Sarah Palin – brilliant fun!

    My freezer is empty too…

  • D Says:

    Again, that looks delicious! Mozzarella on anything is pretty much kick ass though ;)

    I was in New York last month when the election was starting to heat up (the Wall Street bailout only added to that!) and watched their news channels a lot. Now I’m hooked on the horror that is Fox News as it seems to be only US news channel on the Sky Guide that’s not spliced and diced with lots of European shows.

    Tina Fey is fantastic, but let’s face it she doesn’t have to work too hard on that impression of Palin – (1) she is her identical twin and (2) the things that come out of her mouth are too bizarre to make up!

  • europhile Says:

    Isn’t Obama a ride!

  • jen Says:

    I’m seriously thinking about buying an extra freezer, I really am. I also love that fantasy idea.. One day :-)

  • Sarah Says:

    Im looking forward to your next post-am checking most days but no joy! Would love more low carb recipes & info as thinking of changing to this way of eating. Please update soon! Thanks so much!

  • HEWB Says:

    Nothing like batch cooking and having your own ready meals. I done that but unfortunately my fridge broke down and I lost about a months worth of food :(

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