Florence, Food and Friends

I’m just back from a week in Florence, a wonderful blur of bright sunny days, old streets, busy markets, stunning art and fabulous food. This was my first holiday in years without family, there was just Sabrina and I, on a proper grown-up holiday, and I can highly recommend her as an excellent travelling companion. We’re still friends, narry a cross word spoken, and with plans to repeat the exact same holiday in a year’s time.

Monna Lisa Hotel, Florence

The pic is of the wonderful Monna Lisa Hotel were we stayed, it’s actually taken from just outside the door of our room. And yes, it’s every bit as nice as it looks.

As you might expect, food played a major role in this excursion. I’m just left with an impression of wonderful food, from the vast buffet breakfast every morning to perfect coffees for

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  • Sarah Says:

    I love Florence! Cant wait to go back! I had the nicest ever pasta at a little cafe in the market you mentioned-it was soooo good!
    Am on week 6 of low carb diet, have lost 8 pounds, 14 more to go. would love some tips on coping with Christmas for a low carber, if you can find the time.
    Thanks so much,

  • Kate Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Really THRILLED to hear your diet is going so well – it really works doesn’t it?

    I am going to do a few articles about low carb Christmas food – I’ve started writing them. One is low carb chocolate truffles – yes, really, they are like a miracle!

  • Sarah Says:

    Hi Kate,
    Yep it does really work and its quite satisfying for a glutton like me. Thanks so much for inspiring me to do it. I had never ever considered this way of eating until I read your fantastic blog. Am thinking of buying ‘The Diet Delusion’ cause I am so sick of people going mad at me when I say ‘atkins’. I say Im following ‘low carb’ instead but it still gets up peoples noses. I have been following atkins and the IPD as developed by India Knight (Sunday Times) and Neris Thomas (www.pig2twig.co.uk)-its basically atkins but slightly more lenient, plus with the support of their forum.They’ve loads of info & recipes on there too.
    Really really looking forward to your recipes so as to avoid sabotage from family over Xmas. My BF is very supportive though as he sees how much veg and lean meat & fish I am eating & it seems pretty healthy to him. Thanks again!

  • Kate Says:

    Sarah, two tips.

    Rather than the ‘A’ word, which gets up people’s noses big time, or even low-carb, I just say “I cut out starchy foods”. People don’t seem to have an issue with that.

    The other thing I do when people go on about it being an unhealthy way of eating is ask them “How exactly does removing the potato from a plate of chicken with broccoli, turnip and green beans turn a healthy meal into an unhealthy one?”

    Even the most sceptical have no good answer for that.

  • Sarah Says:

    Hi Kate,
    Looking forward to an update soon, love your blog. Id say more and more people are shopping in lidl now . Cheap recipes always cheer me up as an alternative to listening to doom and gloom!
    Happy New Year,

  • Susan Says:

    Really miss this blog, wish you would update it again

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