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Chocolate News Flash!

Yes, I know. I was supposed to post about the great freezer cook up – and I will, really I will, but the notes I took were atrocious (though I thought at the time they were great) and I’ve been very distracted by work (of which more below).

But I had to get this in – the J.D. Gross range of speciality chocolates are back at Lidl. Oh happy, happy day for chocoholics everywhere! The range has been expanded too, with several new ones alongside old favorites, including some very interesting looking fruit flavoured ones, which I haven’t tried yet.

As a lover of really, really dark chocolate I went first for the three bars pictured here, each of which cost

Montes Quero Syrah, 2006

Argentinian Syrah from SuperquinnI said when I started posting these reviews that I’d post the lowest rated ones first, but that wasn’t quite true.

This Argentinian Syrah was the lowest rated wine of the evening, but it came not from Lidl but from Superquinn’s under

Rosecreek Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

Lidl Australian Cabernet SauvignonThis Australian Cabernet Sauvignon was the hit of the evening, in fact it was universally liked and was the bottle that everyone wanted to return to when the tasting phase of the evening was over (we fortunately had two).

It started strongly, with a nice appearance, deep colour and good clarity that saw it get full marks for appearance almost across the board. The aroma too met with general flavour, some even calling it powerful.

The words most used to describe it were woody, spicy and smoky, and there was definite fruit with berries being the most mentioned.

So far so good, but it was when we began to taste that the compliments really started to flow.

Granted we had tasted a couple of the less well liked wines before this one, so it may have been partly relief at finally finding one that passed muster, but comments like “very smooth and flavourful wine”, “really very good, excellent finish” and ” the more I drink the more I want” showed that there was definite enthusiasm.

It was the only wine of the evening that scored a 100% would buy rating and interestingly most of the tasters said they believed this was not a Lidl wine, the highest number for any of the wines we tasted.

In the discussion after tasting there was general agreement that this was a bottle you could happily take with you when going to dinner somewhere – even to fussy friends! – and there was even some talk of stocking up for Christmas.

So, definitely one to try.


Chenin Blanc Worcester, 2007

Lidl Chenin BlancOf the three white wines we tasted this Chenin Blanc from the Eastern Cape in South Africa was not only the most liked but also the cheapest.

It had a nice pale yellow/straw colour in the glass though was perhaps a touch hazy. There was general agreement that it had a good and quite inviting aroma, variously described as honeyed or lemony, with definite fruit.

As for the taste, it was medium dry and though not very powerfully flavoured had a nice fruitiness and a pleasant crispness, although one person described it as “a little too acidic for me”.

There was unanimity that it was nicely fruity but less agreement when it came to deciding just what that fruit was, with apple and melon the most mentioned but some tasting pear.

The comments on this wine ranged from lukewarm – “goes down easy enough” and “nothing to dislike” – to more enthusiastic “easy drinking but with good character” and “light and fruity, I really like this”.

All but one of the tasters said they would definitely buy this wine, with the final person saying he might.


Pinot Grigio, Provincia Di Pavia, 2007

Italian Pinot Grigio from LidlFrom the north of Italy, this Pinot Grigio is apparently a very popular Lidl wine but it didn’t fare that well with our group of tasters. It wasn’t that anyone particularly hated it, more that it really didn’t taste of very much at all and so people could find little to like.

In the glass it was very pale and clear, what some described as “watery” but then Pinot Grigio tends not to have a strong colour.

However people really began to struggle when it came to aroma, finding it difficult to discern anything much at all. Most described it as weak or neutral, with only a couple feeling it had any fruit at all on the nose and none able to identify what fruit.

Comments on taste had a recurrent theme, ranging from “lacks body” and “not much to it” to “this is the lightest wine I’ve ever tasted”.